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We have identified the differences between the British/Welsh version and the North American version of baseball.   “But holls!!” you say. “What about rounders?!” Okay, okay! I’m getting there! Sheesh. Below, for your convenience, is a list of differences between

After our day at St Albans, I found myself needing to be completely savvy with all the differences between what they play and what we play. I think I’m shamelessly past the point where I am allowed to say “Good

It’s one of the differences between baseball and softball…and it’s a big one. Unlike in baseball, where the basic pitch is a bigger version of an overhand throw, the fastpitch pitch is unique. For a starting point, I’ve come across

The day finally came for the trip from Cardiff to London for the PLAY BALL event. Coach holly had slept the night before as well as any kid waiting for Christmas does. The players gathered in the parking lot in

We are really pleased about the growth of the program this year. We started last year with three kids in a park! In the fall, we had three schools with clubs: Bishop of Llandaff Church in Wales High School Ysgol

It’s official, we are off to the Play Ball event in London on Monday! We still have a few spaces left on the coach if there are children whose parents are able to return a signed MLB waiver by email

So far, we’ve achieved a lot on relatively little, athough we’re very thankful to our grant awarders Sport Wales!  We are now going to kick it up to the next level, with some local fundraising! Localgiving has given us a

We’re ridiculously excited about a lot of the things we’re doing here in Wales. Perhaps the most exciting thing recently is that we get to take kids to London for baseball! Yes, we have been offered up to 250 spots

We’re heading into Summer, and that means more softball and baseball! We want to get more and more kids in the program so we can have leagues and fixtures and games, oh my! Monday nights, we’ll have baseball for 7-11s

RBI Wales are thrilled to announce sessions at two more schools. In addition to the programs at Bishop of Llandaff, Ysgol Plasmawr and St Cyres, we are now helping students play the game at St Cenydd and Ysgol Stanwell. The