Month: July 2019

Rounders vs North American baseball/softball

We have identified the differences between the British/Welsh version and the North American version of baseball.   “But holls!!” you say. “What about rounders?!” Okay, okay! I’m getting there! Sheesh. Below, for your convenience, is a list of differences between

British/Welsh baseball vs North American baseball/softball

After our day at St Albans, I found myself needing to be completely savvy with all the differences between what they play and what we play. I think I’m shamelessly past the point where I am allowed to say “Good

So you want to learn to throw a fastpitch pitch

It’s one of the differences between baseball and softball…and it’s a big one. Unlike in baseball, where the basic pitch is a bigger version of an overhand throw, the fastpitch pitch is unique. For a starting point, I’ve come across